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Welcome to WallStreetMojo, the number one source for finance, accounting, and investment-related information. We are dedicated to giving our readers the very best of educational resources and online courses on Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Accounting, and Excel, with a strong focus on theory, application, and career prospects.

Founded in 2015 by Dheeraj Vaidya, WallStreetMojo has come a long way. When Dheeraj first started, his passion for helping students and aspiring professionals to become an expert in Financial Analysis, Equity Research, and Valuations drove him to build a team of experienced writers, editors, and instructors. Not to mention it gave him the impetus to turn all the hard work and inspiration into a reliable financial website.

With its beginner-friendly content, WallStreetMojo is also a one-stop destination for readers from the non-financial background. Here they get practical advice on how to build, grow, and manage finances. Above all, everything we offer is the outcome of intense research backed by facts, adding to the website’s credibility.

We now serve readers all over the US, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, and other parts of the world and are thrilled to be a part of the ever-evolving finance industry. The beneficiaries of our self-paced online programs and certifications are students at top universities, professionals at leading investment banks and accounting firms, and investors and traders.

Our Vision

Our company vision is to empower individuals worldwide with financial knowledge in a simplified manner and through the most authentic information. We are committed to help students and professionals advance in their careers and fulfill their dreams as financial analysts with our comprehensive online certification courses, training materials, and educational resources. It is our belief to provide maximum value for our shareholders and employees by achieving new standards of excellence.

Our Mission

At WallStreetMojo, we curate finance-related instructional materials, training solutions, and online programs that are simple to understand and easy to apply. Our company exists to provide students and professionals with the practical knowledge, skills, and templates needed to become top-level financial analysts. Since its inception in 2015, more than 400,000 individuals have benefitted from our programs on investment banking, corporate finance, accounting, IPOs, M&As, etc. Our mission is to become the most trusted financial website by providing informative and engaging content to our millions of readers, resulting in value for all.


WallStreetMojo is the brainchild of Dheeraj Vaidya CFA, FRM, who is also the Founder of the company. A former J.P.Morgan and CLSA Equity Analyst, Dheeraj specializes in financial modeling, forecasting, and valuations. In his career spanning almost two decades, he has trained and mentored more than 100,000 students and professionals on a range of topics, including investment banking, private equity, accounting, and more.