All in One Excel VBA Bundle (35 Courses with Projects)

This Excel VBA Certification Training is a bundle of 35 courses with 120+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

In this course, you would not only learn a single skill or two; rather this single course will teach you how to master Excel and VBA. Topics include basic and advanced excel, basic and advanced VBA, creating dashboard, data analysis, excel for finance, marketing and HR and Tableau Training

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What you get in this All in One Excel VBA Bundle?

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Online Excel VBA Certification Course Overview

Excel VBA Training Certification Course Details

Now let’s have a look at the course description –

Sr. No. Course NameNo. of Courses No. of HoursCourse Description
1Basic Excel Training312We will start with a brief overview. And then you will learn about the interface and how MS Excel works. Then, we will take a case study and then, you will learn how to do data entry, how you can populate the case study into the excel. Next, we will talk about formulas, formatting, updating a calculation, finding percentages, conditional formattingif function in excelcount ifsum if in excel etc. You will also learn about the pie chart, graphs & chart, sorts, filter function, pivot table, freeze & split, presentation, print, shortcuts, and finally common errors.
2Advanced Excel Training1667Once you have understood the basics of MS Excel, this module will help you go deep. First, we will show you a few practice files that would contain various excel functions. Then, we will talk about data functions, what if analysis, arrays, functions for working with text, pivot table, data filtering, pivot table formatting, using macros in the pivot table, DAX in Power Pivot, names & dynamic range and many such functions and formulas.
3Basic & Advanced VBA Course635In this Excel VBA training module, you will learn the basics of VBA and Macros. We will start with a brief introduction to VBA and Macro. Then, we will talk about the first macro, what is the VBA environment, macros with if condition, and data filter. Finally, you will learn about charting using VBA and user-form. In this module, we will start with a brief overview of VBA. Then, we will talk about the user-form in terms of EMI, looping, and last row and column. Next, you will look at the referencing sheets, user-defined function, calculator of the update now, writing formulas, and calculator of EMI calculations. Then, we will discuss arrays, sort EMI button, EMI Calculator – create a graph, print using VBA, and finally, EMI calculator of the print report and the email report. You need to watch 67 videos to cover this module.
4Excel Dashboard Course945In this Excel VBA Certification course, you will learn about the creation of excel dashboard, how to use formulas and formatting. You will also understand the types of filters, graph & formatting, demographics, how to create the compensation button, and import access & export access.
5Data Analysis in Excel1137we will talk about data simulation, goal-seek, table simulations, data validation & macro filters, and finally, Monte Carlo simulations.  Also you would understand about excel reports, power excel heat maps,  statistical tools and business intelligence using Tableau.
6MS Excel Training Course665This is the first module of this Excel VBA Certification course which covers both Basic and Advanced excel functions, tools and features. We will start with Ribbons Quick Access Toolbar and Excel HELP function. Then, we will take a case study and we will learn about data entry, populating the case study in Excel, calculations, formulas, formatting, how to update a calculation, and understanding the percentages absolute references. You will also learn the conditional formatting, IF function, Count-If, Sum-If, Charts & Graphs, Sorts & Filters, Pivot Tables, Freeze & Split, Presentation, Print, Short-cuts, and lastly, common errors.
7Excel For Power User Course15We will begin with a brief introduction to the power excel training. Then, you will learn about function, pivot tables, evaluate, date format & time format, statement & VLookUp, future value function, business & database information, data comparison & filter, and finally, pivot chart & power view.
8Excel For Finance Course1551In this Excel VBA Certification course, we will start with a brief overview. Then, we will learn about future value, SI, CI, PV, Nper rate, the value of an investment with multiple cash flows, calculating the rate of return, analyzing loans & payments, and bond valuation.
9Excel For Marketing Course1245 You will learn about the sales productivity excel dashboard, pivot table, pivot chart, slicer, and we will also show you a few reference files to practise the marketing related functions in Excel.
10Excel For HR Training634First, we will start with a reference file that will offer you a brief about the creation of HR dashboard & analytics. Then, gradually, you will learn about data introduction, index & tab designing, employee front face, the pivot data list, MOM headcount, departmental & location analysis, tenure wise analysis, age-wise analysis, employee demo & quality circles, time sheet late marks analysis, full & final analysis, training analysis, job rating analysis, HR update, and lastly a summary of all that you learn.
11Tableau Certification Training Course15The course on Tableau in this Excel VBA Course is for you to understand the application of this sophisticated data tool Tableau and its use in Business Intelligence and data visualization.
Total Number (Unique)35+120+

Certificate of Completion for Excel VBA Course

Which tangible skills you will learn in this course?

You would learn many, many micro-skills in this excel VBA training course. Let’s look at the most significant ones below –

  • Microsoft Excel (Basic & Advanced): In this Excel VBA course, you will learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel (both basics and advanced). You would learn everything from feeding data into an excel sheet to creating excel reports.
  • Analytics: You would learn how to create dashboards and analytics. Very few Certification courses on VBA Excel offer this. You will also learn the detailed analytics of HR at a basic and at an advanced level.
  • Building a basic project management tool: You would also learn to build a project management tool using TreeView and ListView. Which course would offer you so much value all at once?
  • Automation: You will learn a basic course on automation in this module. And it will help you MS Excel VBA in a more advanced way.

There are also other skills you will learn in this giant Excel VBA Certification course. Jump in.

Pre-Requisites of this Excel VBA Course
  • Willingness to learn this comprehensive Excel VBA Certification course: You may need a bit or piece from this whole course. If you’re not interested in the entire course, you can choose one of your preferred courses individually. But to get the best value out of this comprehensive course, you need to be willing to commit a chunk of time during the week or in the weekend to go through this Excel VBA course and practice at your own pace.
  • A basic sense of logical reasoning: You don’t need earth-shattering knowledge to do this Excel VBA training course. You need to have a sense of logic and also a fundamental knowledge of maths. And that’s all you need to do this entire course (though a little bit of finance knowledge will also help).her rung.
Target Audience for Excel VBA Course
  • Students who would be interested in learning Excel VBA: If you’re a student and you would want to know the nitty-gritty of Excel VBA, this is the right course for you.
  • Professionals who would want to learn Excel VBA: No matter what profession you’re in, if you are interested in VBA Excel, this is the best course in the market you would ever find.
  • Entrepreneurs: As an entrepreneur, if you want to learn VBA Excel, there can be no better course on VBA Excel than this one.

FAQs – General Questions

You shouldn’t do this course only if you’re not interested in VBA Excel. If you’re interested in learning VBA Excel, there’s no better course in the market than this.

All you need is basic logical reasoning and a sense of maths. And you would also need the willingness to go through a giant course and try the lessons at your own pace.

It depends. If you feel that you would be able to use this Excel VBA training for any professional or personal project, you can definitely do this course.

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Yes, you can view the demo videos above.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Additional payment options include pay by PayPal and 2checkout.

Sample Preview of Full Access Bundle

Here are some of the sample videos of this course. Click on the icons below to view the samples –

Data Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation

Future Value Function

Percentage and Absolute References

HC Analysis

Paste Special

Career Benefits
  • You will reach a higher rung in your company: After doing this course, you would get a promotion quite easily. If you do the work, this Excel VBA Course will deliver the results.
  • You will be able to handle any VBA related needs in your organization: And this is no small feat. You would be considered as an expert on VBA in your organization.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Saurabh Kesari
Saurabh Kesari

This is one of the most engrossing and value addition Excel VBA Certification course. I have done 3 courses in total and found it to be very engaging. The way dash boards are created are amazing and simple. More over this might be very much useful course for students and professionals alike as both can use this in the project reports and report to higher management respectively.Thumbs up!

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Puran Rathore
Puran Rathore

The Excel VBA Course is advanced in its true essence. It covers all the important functions used in excel to enhance your MS excel skills. I enjoyed it very much because the teaching methodology is very simple and engaging. Anyone who is starting out in their career should take this Excel VBA course. I highly recommend this course for its ease of use and great teaching method. It is a short package for getting extraordinary results in terms of productivity in preparing reports.

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Varun Tripathi
Varun Tripathi

It is an Excellent Excel VBA training course. It includes all skills that required while working in a job. All lessons are easily explained. The best thing about this course is the Practice files that are provided after each lesson. I consider myself a pro with excel after doing this Excel VBA training course. I am thankful to the creator of this course. This Excel VBA course is one of the best tool available on the internet to learn excel both at beginner and also at an advanced level.

Fredric C
Fredric C

Pivot table is a built in feature in excel. This Excel VBA Certification course helped me how to add this feature. Understood how to import data, inserting functions, test connection, change column names, creating a pivot chart with various variables, difference between pivot table and power chart, how to create two pivot charts for the same data, how to create four pivot chats for the same data. Simply awesome course how to create pivot table.

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Gerald Lynn Henthorn
Gerald Lynn Henthorn

I’m not mathematically inclined, and have avoided Excel in the past. This Excel VBA training platform made it easy to learn the system. And, the individual lesson titles of excel course will make it easy to go back over techniques when I need to. I appreciate having had the opportunity to take this excel comprehensive course, and will probably refer back to it quite often. However, I am very familiar with other MS office programs.

Candy Chan Hui Ping
Candy Chan Hui Ping

As a regular user of Excel, both for professional and personal purposes, I found this to be a great refresher Excel VBA course to prepare for more advanced ones. Some lessons (such as the module on Shortcuts) have also helped me to use this tool more efficiently on a day to day basis. Keep up the great work.